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AmeriCorps CalPREP-Sycamore Junior High

Who We Are

AmeriCorps is a community service agency that focuses on various needs the community may need, whether it be health, education, homelessness, environmental, etc. AmeriCorps fellows are placed in different areas in the country and our program AmeriCorps CalPREP focuses on working in low-income neighborhoods and bring college awareness to the campus. We work in various school districts in Orange County and with elementary and middle school aged students. 

What We Do

We are focusing on bringing and creating a college readiness feel on each campus. We are dedicating our year of service in creating a mentoring program on campus in which we inform the students about the different aspects of college and how it is possible for them to attend but also have the students paired up with a mentor so they build that one-on-one relationship. 

Here at Sycamore we are creating a program that incorporates academic success, mentoring, and community service all in one. We want our students to be able to create a community service project, have their mentors help with any assignments or lessons for any class subject that they did not understand and also just have fun! Create a meaningful relationship that the students will take with them for years to come and make a positive impact. 


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