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Who We Are

We achieve our goals in 7 unique ways:

  1. America On Track’s Emerging Leaders Program
  2. Physical Education & Nutrition Programs for schools and communities
  3. Brighter Futures for Children of Prisoners Program
  4. The On Track Adult & Youth Leadership Development Programs
  5. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use Prevention Education Programs
  6. Parent Education Classes & Health Seminars;
  7. Linking Policy and Environmental Strategies to Health Outcomes
This is achieved by providing families with resources and a support system for their children that incorporates multi-faceted life-transforming programs. As a result of its experience with these challenging populations, AOT has developed training techniques that focus on the hardest-to-reach young people, ultimately sustaining, preserving and empowering them in the individual, family and community domains. 
America On Track (AOT) is also involved in a leadership role with several community coalitions. Funds received have been managed using short as well as long-term strategies and 93 cents of every dollar still goes directly to the services. As a multi-funded, multi-program agency, AOT has substantial experience in managing Federal, State, County and Foundation grants. Services are offered in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner that respects the diversity of the target population. 

What We Do

America On Track was founded in 1995 to fill identified service delivery gaps in the fields of human services, education, health & fitness, and violence and drug use prevention for high-risk youth in order to address the needs of low-income children and youth throughout Orange County, California.
America On Track's MISSION is to inspire brighter futures by
building youth leaders, supporting families, and
strengthening communities through life-transforming programs.

Our VISION is to create more vibrant communities by addressing social inequities and health disparities through evidence-based programs that focus on leadership development, mentoring, academic achievement, fitness & nutrition, and drug use prevention. 

Our MOTTO: Creating Brighter Futures for Communities & Youth since 1995!

AOT annually serves over 10,000 unduplicated children and their families in Orange County. The majority of recipients are low-income and Hispanic, and they benefit from comprehensive, multi-faceted programs that have generated 20 Local, State and National awards for outstanding service.


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