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Who We Are

We provide Education, Donors, Dollars and Volunteer training.

We provide the community with education about the need for more potential donors to join our Be The Match registry from diverse ethnic and racial communities.

We dispel the myths of donation.

We raise funds to assist our Patient Services Programs as well as to assist us with the costs of adding more life saving donors to the Be The Match registry.


We give the community the opportunity to become part of the Be The Match team by becoming Volunteer Ambassadors. These volunteers bring hope to the thousands of patients that are diagnosed with blood cancers and other genetic and metabolic diseases whereby a stem cell transplant will either cure the disease or halt the progression of the disease.

 Together we can save lives.

What We Do

Be The Match is operated by the National Marrow Donor Program.

Our mission is about " Saving Lives with cellular therapy through science, service and support.

Thousands of patients each year are diagnosed with life threatening disease such as blood cancers. We provide these patients with marrow donors who are matched based on their race and ethinicity. The potential donors in our Be The Match registry provide a second chance to the patients in need.

We are the National registry and provide donors to patients here in the United States as well as we partner with our Cooperative registries Internationally.



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